No. 14 — Smoked Barbecue
No. 14 — Smoked Barbecue

No. 14 — Smoked Barbecue

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Size:Single Roll
It takes a lot of effort to come off this effortless

Simplicity is harder than you think. Take Sublime's exclusive new flavour, for instance. No. 14. Smoked Barbecue. When you break this rich and miraculous butter down, there's a cocktail of things going on.

All your flavour bases, covered

Smoked paprika lends an earthy, aromatic depth for the enhancement of literally any savoury dish under the sun. Thyme and parsley contribute a distinct floral hum that lifts the palate and embellishes the smoky base notes. Lemon juice brightens and intensifies the whole affair, and helps its fellow ingredients to sing even louder. This, of course, all carried within the vehicle of Somerset's most creamy and delicious butter. But despite everything, when the first sliver hits your tastebuds — delivered by steak, salmon, or sourdough — the result is universally, elementally clear. This is ruddy, bloody good.



Allergy advice: Allergens are shown in bold.

Unsalted butter 79.8% (contains milk), smoked paprika, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, thyme, pink Himalayan salt, white pepper.


Typical values per 100g

  • Energy — 2394kJ/572kcal
  • Fat — 65.1g (of which saturates 40.2g)
  • Carbohydrate — 0.5g (of which sugars 0.4g)
  • Protein — 0.9g
  • Salt — 1.6g

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