Believe it or not, butter isn't where our philosophy starts and ends. Naturally, that's what we make. We think what's more important is why we make it. What it symbolises. What this platform gives us the opportunity to do, to represent, and to change. To that end, and to answer the original question, we're about making society a little bit more Sublime in everything we do.

That, my friend, is a story for another page.

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As of right now, we don't. It's not because we don't want to, rather: it would be totally uneconomical for us to do so. To give you an idea, we send our products tracked, via a next-day courier using chilled packaging.

While we'd love to offer that on the house, we just can't absorb that cost. You know. Business-wise. That said, we know it's a challenge, and we're working on some clever ways to overcome it. So, watch this space.

We would love that.

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You'll find us in good butchers and farm shops up and down the country. Right here on our website is good too.

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Each product has its own profile, showing its ingredients, allergens, nutritional information and favourite Monopoly counter. You’ll find them in the Shop.

Goodness no. This isn’t margarine.

We use nothing artificial, and pluck all our ingredients fresh from Mother Nature’s larder.

Balanced diet and all that, but: yes. We use only the finest butter and freshest ingredients.

You’ll find a full nutritional breakdown on each product's profile.

If you’re maniacal about food and a maestro at what you do, we’d love to hear from you.

Send a CV to, along with a brief note telling us why you’d be a fine addition to the herd.

(And, to ensure a favourable response, a dozen bottles of port.)

Absolutely. The more the merrier. None of our butters contain wheat products, so if you suffer from coeliac disease, you're safe with Sublime.

Pink Himalayan Salt is a natural salt extracted by hand from the Khewra Salt Mine located near the Himalayas in Pakistan. It is minimally processed and yields an unrefined product that is free of additives. The process of natural harvesting allows Pink Himalayan Salt to retain many other minerals and trace elements — estimated by some to be up to 84 different compounds — and it is these properties, especially iron, that give the salt its characteristic pink colour.

We use Pink Himalayan Salt in our recipes because it gives greater depth of flavour without acridity, and the crunch of the salt crystals makes for an oh-so satisfying texture.

Absolutely. Butter freezes perfectly because of its high fat content, and does not degrade in quality. Best to consume the butter within one week of defrosting though!

Although there are some renegades who leave a butter block out on the counter top, we suggest refrigerating ours because of the additional flavours and the fact that our products are all natural.

Our butter may transcend normal butter in every which way, but it can be consumed in the usual fashion. Spread it, smear it, simmer it, drape it, drizzle it. Over what, in what quantities, and with which amount of flair and gravitas is down to you. The flavours will change slightly depending on how the butter is used, so be free! Experiment! The kitchen is your oyster.

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