Sublime Garlic & Herb Butter with king prawns and lemon

Flavours for Seafood

To add richness, depth and complexity to prawns, mussels, salmon and everything in between and beyond, Sublime Butter is the tonic. Adorn your creations generously, and marvel at the possibilities.

Featuring No. 19

Whole Sea Bass cooked with No. 19

The mellow salinity of sea bass is no match for the liquorice hum of our heralded Béarnaise butter.

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A wholesome dish for everyone

We believe good food unites us all. Fortunately, there's a shortcut to our archive of memorable dishes just through here.

Featuring No. 5

Scallops, prawns & chorizo with Sublime No. 5

The mild, buttery goodness of prawns, enriched and enhanced by our No. 5's award-winning herbaceousness.

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From our twist on Salted Butter all the way through to Ridiculous fare sourced from the rarest merchants in the world, there's a Sublime Butter for you.

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