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Foolproof Yorkshire Puddings

Foolproof Giant Yorkshire Pudding

For the uninitiated, Yorkshire puddings can seem like a daunting prospect. That's probably because we've all experienced flat, biscuit-like Yorkies at some point in our lives. These disappointing eggy discs are not a foregone conclusion though. There are a few rules of thumb that will guarantee that your Yorkshire puddings emerge golden and triumphant each and every time. 

For starters, don't fret over learning quantities. This foolproof recipe relies on its simplicity; that is, you'll need equal volumes of flour, milk and eggs. That way, you can scale your batter effortlessly, no matter how many or how few you're cooking for. 

We use Sublime No.1 rather than cooking oil. The immense heat of the oven you'll need for Yorkshires browns the butter, which in turn ensures they're deeply bronzed by the time they come out. 

And on that note, in the name of all that is holy, keep your oven closed. It may be tempting to look, particularly as leaving something for that long at these temperatures is a scary notion. But just as with Orpheus and Eurydice, even a quick glimpse will send your beloved straight to the depths. It won't burn. Just trust the chemistry. 

With that fair butter lover, good luck and godspeed. You're in for a treat.  

Serves However Many You Like | Takes about 55 minutes, all in

  • Equal parts flour, eggs and milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  1. Whisk the eggs and milk together vigorously, until frothy. 
  2. Add the flour and combine. Don't worry too much about the batter being perfectly smooth; any lumps will cook out. Leave the batter to rest for at least 20 minutes. 
  3. Heat your Yorkshire pan in a 220˚C oven with a generous amount of Sublime No. 1. Feel free to use a large roasting dish as your pan if you want to make a giant Yorkshire pudding. 
  4. When the fat is nice and hot, pour in the batter. If you want to make Toad in the Hole, add your sausages first. Get the dish in the oven fast, and bake for a minimum of 25 minutes. We reiterate: never open the door, or your Yorkshire puddings will collapse into disappointing, eggy hockey pucks. 
  5. When you can see through the door that they're tall, golden and majestic, only then can you bring them out for serving. Cover with gravy at the very last possible moment for decadent richness without compromising on bite.

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