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With our exquisite delights in your tool belt, you are a better chef than most. No learning required; simply subscribe, portion, dollop, et voila! Whether you are adorning a fine cut of sirloin, weaving it sumptuously through scrambled eggs, or simply crowning a doorstop of sourdough with a piquant smack of deliciousness, you’ll find a warm home here.

What we do

We make the finest quality butter in the world. It's true. We really do.

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Our Flavour Matrix

Our stockists are keen to know how and when Sublime is best applied, and so our heralded Flavour Matrix was born. Go ahead. It's the most delicious looking spreadsheet you'll ever see.

Our Newest Flavour

No. 8 — Chilli, smoked salt & Lime

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Ridiculous no. 55

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We'd be delighted to work together. Stocking Sublime is as wonderfully easy and convenient as using it at home. Simply drop us a message, and we'll be in touch to arrange a chat.

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